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About predictions (cleaning my crystal ball)

It is IMPOSSIBLE to predict the future according to a person's natal chart.
There is no record in it when you will get married, when and how many children you will have, whether you will have a villa on the French Riviera by the age of 50 or not.

In the natal chart, you can only find your specific energies / characteristics, which in their total mass form you, your psyche, your desires, your genetic potential.

It is impossible to make an accurate prediction, because you are constantly evolving (hopefully) and working out your planets (characteristics), therefore the initial data for the forecast in your map is constantly changing.
And the forecaster / fortune teller / predictive astrologer will tell you that you will never have a long happy relationship with Venus in the fall, and there will always be tense relationships with women, BUT! ((c) Kali Shankar) what if you have already worked your Venus in the fall with the help of different practices, creativity, pumped yourself through tantra and move towards your destination? Then it will be a prediction that will not come true (Thank God).

Don't go believing someone who claims they can predict your future through your natal map.