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What is Jyotish? Eastern Vedic astrology

Jyotish is Eastern Vedic astrology. Translated from Sanskrit, Jyotish is "the light of God" / "illuminating the path." It is a systemic technology that includes psychology, sociology, astrology, astronomy.

❌ does not predict the future!
❌ not a set of rules using which you will get a "successful life"
✅ your roadmap, adhering to which you will find your path, your implementation

In different cultural and religious concepts, purpose is called in different words, but in reality it is the same.
In India it is Dharma (sans. धर्म)
In China, this is Tao (Ch. 道)
In Greece (ancient) it is Logos (ancient greek λόγος)
In Israel it is Memra (hebrew ממרה)


No one has the same purpose, even if two maps are identical, especially twins. Each life path is unique, and this changes the interpretation of purpose. Knowing your path will not give you unlimited happiness and joy, you may have to work hard for this, but you will move in the right direction.