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Retrograde planet in your horoscope (natal chart)

Retrograde planet - (translated from Sanskrit "crooked" or "going the other way") the state of the planet when it moves "in the opposite direction" counterclockwise along all signs of the zodiac.
Retrograde motion of planets occurs due to the fact that the Earth revolves around the Sun faster than other planets. The planet becomes retrograde at the moment when the distance between the Earth and this planet is minimal.

Retrograde planet:
• does not put a block on the sphere where it is located
• getting stronger

Retrograde Venus (Ve R)
- May have problems with self-esteem. You lack self-confidence and are easily offended. You are too dependent on other people's opinions.

Retrograde Mars (Ma R)
- Physically passive person. The chart of men can indicate problems with self-confidence. Mars retrograde women are attracted to pretty feminine men.

Saturn Retrograde (Sa R)
- Hard physical work or struggle for survival, both literally and figuratively. A trait that Saturn retrograde can give is the difficulty in expressing love and affection.

The rest of the retrograde planets next time;)

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