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Planet combinations (yoga) in your natal chart (horoscope) and what do they mean?

Yoga in Vedic astrology is a connection (combination) between several planets, which forms a characteristic (in the natal map or in the sky right now) 🌝 🪐

Some interesting examples:

Ra Mo (rahu + moon) - yoga of "schizophrenia" or hyper-genius. Rahu, who expands everything and the subtle-feeling Moon, can lead to emotional instability and super-genius.

Ve Sa (Venus + Saturn) - yoga politics (globalist politics and manipulation). The manipulator-swinging Venus and the serious ruler Saturn.

Ma Ju (Mars + Jupiter) - yoga of a businessman, material wealth with the mind. A nimble business savvy Mars and a competent educated Jupiter.

Mo Ve (moon + venus) - yoga of the perfumer, a subtle flair for the house (in which they are located). Two feminine planets that are responsible for feelings, emotions and creativity.

Su Ma (sun + mars) - warrior yoga. The reigning leader is the Sun and the aggressive Mars.

These are just a few yogas - connections, in fact there are hundreds of them😁

* specific names of yogis (perfumer, politician, etc.) are displayed only in KSA, therefore, a million copyrights belong to Kali Shankar (I studied at KSA, the certificate can be viewed here)