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Fallen Planets, planet is in debility, how to fix planets with Upaya

To harmonize the planet in its fall (debilitation / harmfulness) there are special techniques - upaya.
In many ancient sources, it was suggested to bow to the cows to harmonize Jupiter, swim in water to harmonize the moon, eat oranges to harmonize the sun, and even pray 5 thousand times and your Saturn will stop pressing on your shoulders. It was great to live in those days, but now such methods no longer work.
Mantras / prayers do not help harmonize anything, it is just a placebo effect. Impact on your brain and belief.

The most effective method of harmonizing a planet in fall is to find a person with this planet in a strong position in the appropriate house and spend time with him (mentor - study, partner - relationships / friendship, colleague - work and projects, etc.).

There are also practical methods of harmonization based on modern realities that can be used in addition to searching for a person:

Upaya for the Sun (Su)
- keep your back straight, do noble actions, work on goal-setting.

Upaya for the Moon (Mo)
- mental health, meditation, psychology, mindfulness (mindfulness practices), water treatments (swimming, bathing, saunas).

Upaya for Mercury (Me)
- training in the field of logic, marketing, sociology, analyze large amounts of data.

Upaya for Venus (Ve)
- personal care, shopping, SPA.

Upaya for Mars (Ma)
- discipline in everything: in sports, in sex, on the move, in food.

Upaya for Jupiter (Ju)
- to study in the field of their mission, to be competent, to be generous, to wield holistic knowledge.

Upayas for Saturn (Sa)
- to follow the path of your destiny (to engage in drachma), to be a globalist.

Upayas for Rahu (Ra) and Ketu (Ke)
- improve through the planet, in the sign of which they are located in the map or through the sphere of the house in which they are standing.

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