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How to independently find your "predispositions", subpersonalities and purpose? without jyotish astrologer

For those who want to delve into their own map.

The positions of the planets and the relationship of houses reflect subpersonalities. A planet can stand in one house and rule over two others; or to stand in one house under the control of a second planet, which controls two houses, thereby connecting our first planet with them. But this is a very general interpretation, in each card these connections will be unique. Here are some examples of the relationship between houses and planets that create subpersonalities.

Predisposition towards activities in the luxury segment / luxury:
The connection of the First house of personality and profession with the Second house of money and the Tenth house of social realization, there may also be a connection between Venus and Jupiter
💰 1 house + 2 house + 10 house (+ Ve Ju) 💍

Acting / theatrical predisposition:
Relationship of the Second House of the Person with the Fifth House of Creativity and the Eleventh House of Fame and Popularity
👩🏼‍🎤 2 house + 5 house + 11 house 💃🏻

Predisposition to the use of intoxicants:
The connection of the Eighth house of mysticism and intrigue with the position of Venus and the Twelfth house of losses and transformations
💥 8 house + Ve + 12 house 💥

To find out your predispositions and get your own natal map, you can get a personal astrologer consultation.