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Rectification (refinement of the natal chart according to the time of your birth)

Rectification is a process that helps to determine the moment of a person's birth with minute precision. The result of this process will be the natal map.

Even if you still have your tag from the maternity ward, the indicated time of birth might be a bit off, because the nurse could run in and write +/- 10 minutes on the tag (it doesn't matter for her, but your whole natal map changes ).
The moon spends 2.5 hours in each constellation, and perhaps it was at the moment of your birth that there was that very transition from one sign to another, and then you will have a completely different map.

Rectification consist of an in-depth discussion between you and I where I ask questions, and clarify data about events in your life, how you felt in certain situations, how you made a choice and much more.

On average, oral rectification can last 2-2.5 hours, depending on the complexity and talkativeness of the person.

To prepare a rectification, please ensure:
  • you are in a quiet place, away from distractions and people
  • Internet connection is strong and stable, to allow a fluid conversation.

The rectification process can then take a couple of days, after which you'll have your finalized natal map sent to you!

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