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Stones and crystals in Jyotish

Stones in Jyotish
• are repeaters of the energy of the planets
• enhance the good properties of weak planets
• enhance the properties of poorly positioned planets

Someone advises to select stones under the sign of the zodiac, but in Jyotish the signs are not the primary driving force (apart from lagna = ascendant). Therefore, it is better to select precious and semi-precious stones and crystals for your planets. If the planet is exaltating (powerful) or debilitating (weak), if the planet is doing raja yoga (royal) or maha-purusha yoga, then it is recommended to have certain stones for all such cases.

There are main stones, precious stones and there are semi-precious ones. Both work, but the latter are weaker.

Sun: ruby, garnet
Moon: pearl, moonstone
Mars: red coral
Mercury: emerald, peridot or any green stone
Jupiter: yellow sapphire, citrine, or any yellow stone
Venus: diamond, white topaz, or any colorless stone
Saturn: blue sapphire, tanzanite, amethyst;
Rahu: homet
Ketu: cat's eye

Retrograde planets:
Mars - ruby
Mercury - ruby
Jupiter - pearl
Venus - diamond
Saturn - blue sapphire
Rahu - pomegranate
Ketu - emerald

To find out the powerful and weak positions of the planets in your natal map, you can get a personal astrologer consultation.

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