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Ekadashi what you can eat and what you can not eat on Ekadashi diet days

Ekadashi (translated from Sanskrit "eleven") is the eleventh day after the new moon and full moon, that is, 11 and 26 lunar days.

Vedic knowledge claims that these lunar days are especially favorable for all kinds of spiritual practices, austerities and meditation, because on these lunar days, due to the special influence of the moon on living beings, a person is filled with negative energy. To avoid the bad consequences from the accumulation of negativity, it is recommended to limit yourself to food. If this is completely impossible, then at least give up heavy, hard-to-digest food.

On Ekadashi the following should be avoided:
• Meat and any meat products, eggs
• Fish and seafood
• Any kind of legumes and grain products
• All types of cereals and especially rice
• Alcohol, coffee and other intoxicants

Foods suitable for consumption on Ekadashi:
• Water and freshly squeezed juices
• Fresh fruits and vegetables
• Natural dried fruits, vegetables and berries
• Dairy products

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