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Retrograde planets and how they work with our life

Transit retrograde movement
(when the planet is currently going in the "opposite" direction from the earth, indicated with the letter R) directs the energies of the planet inward and slows down its external manifestations, causing confusion in the main function of the planet.

Everyone's unloved period of Mercury retrograde. Mercury is responsible for communications, intelligence, technology, respectively, what awaits us during the period of Mercury retrograde?

• lost connections will resume
• memory problems, sleep disturbance
• active mental work (internal work, revision of ideas)
• do not make large purchases (including equipment)
• technical failures
• loss of documents (be careful with papers) or errors in them
• misunderstandings in communication, absent-mindedness
• self-digging, self-development

Little pleasant things happen during the period of Mercury retrograde, but this path allows you to work out in your spheres. You can get astrologer consultation about all you periods (include retrograde)