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Why do you need an astrologer?

In case you are lost, and do not know in which direction to look for "your way". If you have a good job, but you do not feel "in your place." If you are looking for a new field of activity. If you are feel like you have untapped potential, but don't know which path to go down ?. In all such situations, Vedic astrology (Jyotish astrology) will help.

You will receive answers to consultations:

  • your destiny, the path to self-realization (field of activity)
  • through what income / earnings "come" to you
  • how to make decisions and communicate with others most effectively
  • do you need to build "clan" (family, company, group), or buy real estate
  • how do you show your creativity
  • is there a penchant for falling in love and romance
  • through what you can be useful to society / partner / competitors
  • do you need an implementation partner, a business partner, a family partner
  • how to receive and give energy
  • how to have sex with the greatest benefit to you
  • what teachers to look for
  • is there a need for regular travel
  • how to position yourself in society
  • direction of your ambitions
  • through what to develop your image and reputation
  • do you need to leave useful things after yourself (contribution to the development of society)
  • whether you are realizing at home or you need to move abroad

How to be guided by the information that you receive is solely your decision. I repeat that your natal map in Jyotish is not a set of rules, using which you will get the right answers to the questions of your life. This is your roadmap for coming to yourself.

See for yourself by consulting a personal astrologer here.