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Harmonizing your daily routine according to the planets in astrology

Some Vedic sources indicate that each day of the week is ruled by a specific planet, and in accordance with this, it is desirable to wear certain colors on this day and do some special actions to harmonize this planet. But whoever carefully read the post about UPAYI, he knows how to "fix" a broken planet. Perhaps someone will be interested in spending a week like this, so you can start taking steps towards positive changes 🙌🏼

Moon - Mo
White color
• Communication with the mother
• Early sleep
• To drink a lot of water
• Wear pearls
• Walking by the water

Mars - Ma
Color - red
• Abstaining from sweets, meat, tobacco and alcohol
• Cleaning your space
• Meditation with glow from fire or candles
• Practice sports
• Techniques of "forgiveness"
• Finish projects

Mercury - Me
Color - green, blue, sand
• Communication with yourself
• Read
• Spend time in nature
• Foreign languages
• Ideas lists

Jupiter - Ju
Yellow color
• Do not be rude, do not judge
• Goal setting, financial goals
• Spiritual practices (meditations, mantras)
• Charity
• Visit holy places
• Study

Venus - Ve
Color - multicolored
• Treatments for appearance
• Asceticism for alcohol
• Meetings with friends
• Drink juices and teas
• Wear skirts and dresses
• Dance, sing, paint
• buy something

Saturn - Sa
Colors - black, gray, dark
• Do not eat until 12 am
• Do not overeat
• Rest, no hard work
• Detox gadget
• Complete cases
• Treatment
• Increasing the level of self-discipline
• Do not cut your hair and nails

Sun - Su
Colors - yellow, orange
• Early rise
• Eat citrus fruits before 12:00
• Spend time in the sun
• Maintain posture
• Exercises "according to the father"

Of course, no one can observe all this, but you can introduce some moments into your week. For example, a gym on tuesday, and a foreign language class on wednesdays, and meetings with friends on friday.