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Diseases and troubles from an astrological point of view

Diseases and misfortunes come from a person's NOT REALIZATION.

When you carry out your favourite activities, and find your purpose, all diseases, psychosomatics and so on go away.

Unrealization is an unbalanced (excess or insufficient) energy of any characteristics (planets), and when you don’t realize some of your genetic potential, it is “realized” for you through diseases and problems.

Unrealized Moon (Mo) shatters the psyche, provokes mental disorders, insanity, and is also responsible for kidney disease.

The unrealized Sun (Su) manifests itself through autoimmune diseases (the Sun is the ego, so it begins to attack itself from the inside), as well as diseases of the thyroid gland and spine.

Unrealized Venus (Ve) naturally leads to a weakening of the immune system and further to venereal diseases, as well as a weakened reproductive system.

These are examples of the consequences of not realizing only three planets, the rest will be later :)