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How to store and transform life energy through Mars with energy exchange

The planet Mars is responsible for the energy in our natal map, in which house it is located and which houses it controls (the sign of Aries (1) and the sign of Scorpio (8)) - the source of your internal energy (vitality) will depend on this.

If Mars in your natal map is in the Cancer constellation (4), then the planet is debilitating (falling).  You need to learn to save your energy, and constantly work on "raising" your Mars. (when you have a feeling there is a lack of energy, then you cannot lie and do nothing for a long time, only when the level is completely critical).

Mars in the first (1) house
- people see you as a warrior, aggressor, predator; adrenaline must hit the head, fight, irritate space.

Mars in the second (2) house
- You cannot be silent, you need to use the process of speech speaking, sing, growl, aggressive, correctly delivered speech.

Mars in the third (3) house
- It suits you to get together with people and enter into communication.

Mars in the fourth (4) house
- You need to accumulate energy at home "in the fortress" (or in the parental home).

Mars in the fifth (5) house
- You need to be in a creative state often.

Mars in the sixth (6) house
- You have to "serve" or give services to someone to something where Mars aspects from this house.

Mars in the 7th (7th) house
- Your energy is tied to a partner, you are not able to receive energy on your own.

Mars in the 8th (8th) House
- Receive energy from physical relationship, you can take energy from physical partner (yep, sex).

Mars in the ninth (9th) house
- You need to travel, constantly learn.

Mars in the tenth (10th) house
- Your energy depends on non-stop work.

Mars in the eleventh (11) house
- You need an audience, you need to collect energy with attention.

Mars in the twelfth (12th) house
- You are a hermit, energy is accumulated when you go on a journey alone; or at least meditate alone.

If you break a man's Mars once, then it will be impossible to restore it, you need to build it completely in a new way. For example: if in the childhood of a child with Mars in the 2nd house, parents constantly "shut up" and scolded for talkativeness - then in this way the parents "broke" Mars for him, and with it the energy level.

To find out in which house of the natal map your Mars is located, you can get a personal astrologer consultation.