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Lagna - an ascending sign or an ascendant

Lagna or ascendant - your main sign in the horoscope (natal chart)

Lagna - "ascendant sign" or "ascendant", this is the constellation that rose on the horizon at the time of your birth. During the day, all 12 signs pass the horizon at different speeds, some sign lasts 2.5 hours, some 3 hours, and so on.

All other constellations in the natal map line up from the Lagna, so it is very important to know exactly your ascending sign. This requires rectification.
Also, according to the Lagna, we determine Lagnesha (the main planet in the natal map = the planet-ruler of the Lagna / Ascendant).

Each constellation of the Lagna is influenced by:
• planet-ruler
• the house in which the ruler planet stands
• element

1 - Aries
5 - Lion
9 - Sagittarius

4 - Cancer
8 - Scorpion
12 - Pisces

3 - Gemini
7 - Libra
11 - Aquarius

2 - Taurus
6 - Virgo
10 - Capricorn

To find out your lagna (ascendant), you can get a personal astrologer consultation.