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Exaltation of the planet in the natal chart (horoscope), the strength of the planet

The own sign is a constellation ruled by a planet. It does not matter in which house this sign will stand, it will always be ruled by this planet. If a planet enters the house with its sign, then it feels favorable and reveals its qualities well.

Exaltation is the strongest position of the planet, when the planet falls into the constellation in which it reveals its characteristics most vividly and powerfully.
* the behavior when the planet falls into a particular sign is described in brackets *

Sun's own signs - Leo (5) (Kings)
Exaltation of the Sun
in Aries (1), in Sagittarius (9), in Scorpio (8) (high moral values, leaders)

Moon's own sign - Cancer (4) (very empathic people, like a bare wire)
Exaltation of the Moon
in a Taurus (2) (romantic, emotional people)

Mercury's own signs - Virgo (6), Gemini (3) (very strong communicator)
Exaltation of Mercury
in Virgo (6) - yes, Mercury is exalted in its own sign (great intellectuals)

Venus's own signs - Libra (7), Taurus (2) (flown away dreamers, aesthetic nerds)
Exaltation of Venus
in Pisces (12) (knows how to combine things / knowledge / skills and bring out new things, fills the whole space with his qualities)

Mars's own signs- Aries (1), Scorpio (8) (blows everything around, stings painfully)
Exaltation of Mars
in Capricorn (10) (I see the goal, I see no obstacles)

Jupiter's own signs - Sagittarius (9), Pisces (12) (knowledge elite)
Exaltation of Jupiter
in Cancer (4) (great achievements, global knowledge)

Saturn's own signs - Capricorn (10), Aquarius (11) (a tank, a tank, a skating rink that will roll out everyone)
Exaltation of Saturn
in Libra (7)

Exaltation of Rahu (Ra)
in Taurus (2)

Exaltation of Ketu (Ke)
in Scorpio (8)

It is very important to know your planets in exaltation or fall, for this you can get astrologer consultation.