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Debilitation of the planet in the natal chart (horoscope), weakness of the planet

Debilitation (fall / harmfulness) is the weakest position of the planet, when the planet falls into a constellation in which it is difficult for it to open up or it reveals characteristics turned inside out. Each planet in its falling position must be worked out (How? Read the post about Upaya).

Debilitation of the Sun / Falling Sun
falls in 7 - Libra, 2 - Taurus, 3 - Gemini, 11 - Aquarius (high survival rate, they can betray their principles, they are good at copying ideas / decisions from someone)

Debilitation of the Moon / Falling Moon
falls at 8 - Scorpio (may be neurotic, cynical about life, take everything critically)

Debilitation of Mercury / Falling Mercury
falls in 12 - Pisces (inconsistent, unstable, genetically do not want to bring everything to the end, extraordinary and creative personalities)

Debilitation of Venus / Falling Venus
falls at 6 - Virgo (they doubt everything, use logic for beauty and style, can be abusive)

Debilitation of Mars / Falling Mars
falls in 4 - Cancer (do not waste energy, avoid conflicts or do it prudently, public speaking)

Debilitation of Jupiter / Falling Jupiter
falls at 10 - Capricorn (eternal amateurs, can enrich themselves on the untested and unstable, jump over the top)

Debilitation of Saturn / Falling Saturn
falls in 1 - Aries (must become Robin Hood in society)

Debilitation of Rahu / Falling Rahu
falls at 8 - Scorpio

Debilitation of Ketu / Falling Ketu
falls in 2 - Taurus

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